Poston Mill Holiday 2008

Just got back from a lovely week at Poston Mill Which was the winner of the best camping & caravan site of 2008 – and if you visit it easy to see why. Lovely grounds, first rate facilities and friendly people. We took a ton of pictures there and when travelling around the area and ...

Atari 7800 portable

Genius, with far to much time on his hands. Ben Heck does it again with Atari 7800 portable – Engadget

Don’t Do A Ferris Bueller

Seems that doing a Ferris Bueller grade change in real life has quite the jail sentence ! Schoolboy hacker Omar Khan who upped his grades faces 38 years in jail – Times Online

WINUAE – The Amiga Emulator

If you grew up at the same time of me, then no doubt you will remember the Commodore Amiga. Well linked below is an emulator that runs on most home pc’s that perfectly emulates it so you can play all your favourite old-time games. WINUAE

Big breakfast ‘aids weight loss’

mmmm. Bigger breakfasts for me then ! BBC NEWS | Health | Big breakfast ‘aids weight loss’

HayMax – natural hayfever treatment

Suffering like mad with my hayfever so on top of the zirtek & beconase combo I am taking, now trying a bit of this as well. The home of HayMax – natural hayfever treatment